Kindermusik Birthday Parties

Turn your child's birthday party into an incredibly special and musical celebration!

When it comes to making music and making children smile, we are the experts! There is no better way to provide children and adults with a completely interactive and incredibly fun experience (while taking a good portion of the planning and the entertaining off your hands) than with Kindermusik with Miss Megan!

The first hour of fun, music, & entertainment will be provided by Miss Megan. As your guests arrive, exploration and free play will set the stage for the first hour of the party! Once the guests are present, the next hour will be filled with exciting musical activities! Instrument play-alongs & explorations, story time, circle dances, and creative movement activities are just a few of the many ways we get down at a Kindermusik with Miss Megan birthday party! After that first, awesome, hour of the party has gone by, you, your family, and guests are free to spend that second hour however you would like. Perhaps, with light, simple refreshments, cake and gifts. There will even be a gift provided by Miss Megan, herself!


Due to the fact that parties are scheduled on a first come, first served basis, we ask that you call about 1 month (4 weeks) ahead of time so that we can get everything scheduled within enough time!

Give Miss Megan a call (or send an email so she can call you), set the date, choose from one of our two Birthday Packages, as well as letting us help you make planning things easier by choosing one of our Kindermusik Gift Bag options (bottom of the page)! 

The Parties:

Come sing, play, move, enjoy story time, and so much more! Nonstop fun ahead!

  • Two hours of fun, total! One hour of musical fun (my part) and one hour of party fun (your part).

  • Standard birthday party fun with a built in Kindermusik class touch! 

  • Gift for the Birthday child!

  • 12 Kindermusik birthday party invitations.



Everything from "The Original" and then some! Choose one of our *Theme Ideas* from below and let us add that extra WOW for you and your guests with our creativity, activities, puppets, and instruments - making your event even more unforgettable! 

  • Everything from "The Original"

  • *Theme of your choice!

  • Customized birthday party activities!

  • Special instruments, puppets, and props (as appropriate)! 



*Theme Ideas: Infant specific - Nursery Rhymes, Little Red Caboose (trains), (Young Toddler/Toddler) On The Farm, Creatures In The Garden, Pirates, Imagination, Music Carnival, Planes, Trains, Cars, and Wagons!, Wild Animal Safari. Any ideas you may have, just ask and I will se what I can do!


Plan to have your party start with Kindermusik. Food and gifts should come out after the music portion is over.

(More detailed scheduling will happen once the party has been booked.)


A Kindermusik Birthday Party is usually suited for kids, ages 6 months to 5 years old. I recommend having no more than 10 to 12 children at your party. 


(For children 6 months to 3 years old, please have one actively participating adult per child. For children over the age of 3, please have one adult for every 5 children.)

Kindermusik Gift Bags

$6 each. Ages newborn to 2 years old.

  • One Egg Shaker

  • One Music Download Card - 10 Songs

  • One "Free Preview Class" Card


$9 each. Ages 2 years old and up.

  • One Egg Shaker

  • Pair of Rhythm Sticks

  • One Music Download Card - 10 Songs

  • One "Free Preview Class" Card


$12 each. Ages 2 years old and up.

  • One Egg Shaker

  • Pair Of Rhythm Sticks

  • One Scarf

  • One Music Download Card - 10 Songs

  • One "Free Preview Class" Card

Send your guests home with a musical "thank you" gift bag! With 3 wonderful options to choose from, all gifts will come beautifully wrapped to give out as guests head home! Just let Miss Megan know which option you would like to choose, if they are given (stand alone) on their own, or to be slipped into gift bags you will be bringing as well.